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Hospital Profile

Manava Seva hospital was founded in 2001 by the Sree Chandra Manava Seva Trust. The hospital began its operations in the form of a small clinic where doctors having expertise in different specialties including Ophthalmology, ENT, General Medicine, Paediatric, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc provided consulting services at nominal fees to patients. As the hospital gained reputation in ophthalmology field, the clinic was expanded to a full fledged eye hospital in 2003. The hospital was equipped with the best available equipments and staff to ensure high quality of patient services. The hospital began undertaking cataract surgeries using the Phaco Emulsification System (Key Hole Surgery). This ensured that the patients did not have to stay in the hospital post surgery. They are generally discharged within an hour of surgery. Also the “Rest period” is just 10 days only.

Continuing its focus on providing medical specialties with “day care” needs, the management felt the need for providing dentistry services to Manava Seva patients as not many hospitals in the region had dental departments. Therefore, in year 2007, the hospital set up its dental department.

The hospital also houses a pharmacy, diagnostic laboratory and a spectacles shop to cater to the respective requirements of the patient.

Manava Seva hospital has strived to offer the best treatments at affordable costs in a homely environment. Any patient who has received some treatment at Manava Seva has not only come back if there is need for more but has also referred family, friends, neighbors, etc to the hospital. Thus the hospital has gained its widespread reputation mainly on word-of-mouth publicity. There have been very limited expenditures on marketing, promotions and brand building exercises. The hospital is committed to offering expert patient care with love and compassion through dedicated professional team.

Manava Seva HospitalManava Seva Hospital


The hospital holds a free camp on every first Wednesday of the month. On this day all the hospital’s services are offered free to patients. There are a large number of poor and needy patients who regularly avail of the free services. Besides, the hospital is invited by several associations and voluntary organizations to participate in“ Free Eye Check up Camps” where the poor are provided free consultation, medicines, etc. Many of the poor patients who attend these camps (both in-house as well as external) are also provided free cataract surgery services. The hospital also offers services at concessional charges to patients who are found to be economically backward.

Sree Chandra Manava Seva Trust

Sree Chandra Manava Seva TrustThe Trust was founded by the late Mr. Eyyanikattil Chandrasekhar in 2001. Mr. Chandrasekhar was a businessman from Mumbai who at the age of 64 (when most people decide to lead a retired, peaceful life) chose to invest all his life’s savings to give back something to society. He chose his hometown in Thrissur to execute his dream of setting up a centre to provide affordable healthcare services to people. He was ably supported in this by his wife, Mrs Sreedevi Chandran. Both of them were the founding members of the Trust. After dedicating his retired life for the service of humanity, Mr. Chandrasekhar passed away unexpectedly in June 2008 but his dream continues through Manava Seva and the other philanthropic activities of the Trust.

Sree Chandra Manava Seva Trust is a not-for-profit organization which manages the Manava Seva Hospital. The Trust’s activities is based on its motto - “Service to Humanity is Service to GOD”. The Trust has no affiliations based on caste, creed or religion.

Besides managing the hospital, it is involved in various philanthropic activities such as:
• Providing financial assistance, scholarships to needy and deserving students
• Sponsoring food donation programs, medical aid, etc to the needy and destitute

Board of Trustees

Mrs. Sreedevi Chandran

Managing Trustee.

Consequent to the sad demise of Mr. Chandrasekhar in June 2008, his wife and soulmate Mrs. Sreedevi Chandran was nominated as the Managing Trustee. Mrs. Sreedevi Chandran had been involved with every activity of the Trust since its inception. She had provided strong support to Mr. Chandrasekhar and without which it would not have been possible to undertake the numerous activities by the Trust.

Mrs. Sreedevi Chandran, B Sc. B Ed, is a qualified secondary school teacher with a background in science. She has over two decades of teaching experience in a reputed school in Mumbai. She has also been involved in the administration of the business activities undertaken by Mr. Chandrasekhar in Mumbai.

She has been helping in maintenance of the account books of the hospital since its inception. Now she manages the administration of the hospital with a special focus on the human resource management and accounts.

Mr. Manojkumar Chandrasekhar


Manojkumar, MBA (Finance), B.E. (Electronics) is the Treasurer of the Trust. He has had over a decade experience in Investment Banking and Management Consulting in Mumbai. He runs an independent Corporate Advisory firm.

After the demise of Mr. Chandrasekhar, he has transferred his operational base to Thrissur, Kerala so as to help co-manage the hospital. He looks after the commercial decision making, marketing/promotions, growth strategizing, financial management functions for the hospital.

Dr. Meena Sunil

Dr. Meena, MD (Skin), MBBS, is a member of the Trust. She is currently based in the United States of America. She provides regular inputs on the technical/medical requirements of the hospital.